New course launched by APG

I have just designed a new course for APG ( see blurb below) – Book here 

What makes brands grow? How to base your strategic proposals in evidence based thinking – 20th April 9am to noon.

This 3 hour workshop is a hands-on look at the critical evidence based thinking that you need to know from marketing science and behavioural psychology, and how to apply it.

Fast, furious and intellectually stimulating, during this workshop you will learn the concepts and ideas that underpin the best and most authoritative contemporary thinking, from Daniel Kahnemann, Byron Sharp and others, and how and when to apply them to create effective strategies that clients will buy.

This interactive workshop  will look at the truths and untruths that underpin industry thinking and help you to harness the evidence that matters to underpin your work.  

You will learn how to use data to challenge wishful thinking about brands and communication and how to take strategic decisions with confidence

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