What can Snow White teach us?

This is my fourth recession. I don’t think Rishi Sunak can prevent an even darker employment picture after the end of the furlough schemes. And there is a pattern. So, perhaps you will give me a hearing. Some things have radically changed this time round. Covid has produced different winners and losers. The dynamic ofContinue reading “What can Snow White teach us?”

Book Review: The System.

At a recent workshop, I asked students to explain how online ads were planned and sold. Puzzled faces stared back at me. The word ‘programmatic’ was mentioned. “Okay, how does that work?” I asked. One student said that advertisers send a profile of the kinds of people they want to reach to a Demand SideContinue reading “Book Review: The System.”

Two new training courses for MAAG

We are all Zoomers now. I have been working with MAAG to design new, shorter courses for ” the new normal” Here they are- Book now at MAAGs website These are short, interactive, with inspiring examples and deliver jargon free planning and idea generation methods. You can use these methods by yourself or with colleaguesContinue reading “Two new training courses for MAAG”

Will the facebook ad ban make a difference ?

No question, “stop hate for profit” has put Facebook’s practices in focus. But will it effect a fundamental change? Aurora asked me for an opinion: view . ( see link) I am not optimistic. I hope I am wrong. A wider understanding of Facebook internationally (and how surveillance capitalism works) indicates that its real vulnerabilityContinue reading “Will the facebook ad ban make a difference ?”

We have all gone Zoomtastic

Back in February, European marketers, creatives and strategists from Amazon joined me in London for a new training course called Insights Inspiration. I had co-designed it with Laura Downey and Alexa Caldecott across several enjoyable and animated meetings in small rooms at Amazon HQ near Liverpool Street. The commissioner of the project was Mark WillockContinue reading “We have all gone Zoomtastic”