Harry and Meghan – why and what next?

I was asked by Aurora- Pakistan’s leading journal about marketing, brands and advertising for a view on what Harry and Meghan should do. Here it is 

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One thought on “Harry and Meghan – why and what next?

  1. Enjoyed your article especially the criticism about media outlets like The Daily Mail & The Sun pandering to our basic & primal desires.

    I’ve always wondered this though – who is truly at fault for the success of The Daily Mail & Sun? The fact that they undoubtedly live off the success of sensationalist articles and commentary that enable them to consistently top national rankings in terms of distribution, or that it’s possible to do so because it’s what people want to read? I.E. The public let them.

    You can argue it’s just good economic business sense to provide a service where there’s a need and the real person at fault is base human nature that loves to read ‘trash’ news.


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