The Metaverse: tech hype or future reality

The Metaverse is not going to arrive any time soon and, when it does, it wont (probably) won’t be called that. Matthew Ball’s excellent new book is good primer (for non-tecchies) on the architecture of the The Internet, its limitations today and the kind of tech breakthroughs that are going to be needed to realise the promise of The Metaverse.

But it could be transformative – bear in mind that we are limited by what we can imagine now.

Just 15 years ago, we could not conceive of today’s mobile, location based web of text, images and video before the arrival of the transformative 4G smartphones.

The next decade is bound to bring more tech breakthroughs that will lead in unanticipated directions. The Internet is a surprise generating machine

My review of his book has just been published by Aurora here

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