How a story helps a little brand to charge a big price

I find myself wondering why I have just paid an unreasonable amount of money for a simple notebook- Moleskin to be precise. Then a little slip of paper falls out of the notebook book as I open it where learn that great artists and thinkers have used it for two centuries.Bruce Chatwin – a mythmaker if ever there was one-loved them and stocked up on them when it look as though they would no longer be made.

A basic thing made precious

It’s the notebook of travelers and adventurers I am told. It travels the globe.

Do I believe the Moleskin story? Not quite. Do I want to believe it?

Yes-as I make my rather mundane notes about a workshop I am due to run I can imagine that I am communing with the shades of some of very best creative artists

Am I prepared to pay X3 the amount for the equivalent WH Smith notebook?

Yes. Do I feel like a bit of an idiot for doing it? Well a bit. But not that unhappy. I have been dawn in a suckered with a bit of charming myth making

It all goes to shown how a romantic story can elevate something as low-tech as a simple bound notebook. Cost of marketing-a little slip inside each booklet in five languages. Not a bad ROI

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