So have brands really changed that much ?

One of the little joys of the Goodwood revival is a re-created Tesco store from the early sixties- complete with packaging from the era. It is almost worth the price of the ticket.
Most striking thing for me was how little packs had changed: some like Marmite and Heinz have just been refreshed slowly over time-a time visitor from the 60s would recognise them immediately

Perhaps product claims were bolder and more arresting back then

Like Ariel’s “The Biological Washing Miracle” . Today its “Complete”- which somehow doesn’t have the same confidence and chutzpah. That said its identity is still the same – it’s still the sciency one.

And i suspect that in a few years time when Higher Purpose Branding ( A.K.A. brands “doing good” and trying to save the world) has passed its current peak of fashionability this will still be true. Ariel will be the sciency one and Persil will be the caring one. Who know perhaps the good folk at P&G will think they need a bold and confident performance claim once again.




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