Thaler: technology/data offers many nudging and efficiency opportunities

At last nights Big Thinkers event at COI Richard Thaler gave a glimpse of the opportunities to Nudge that will come from mobile/new technology- such pillboxes that mail you when you havent taken your medicine and IPhone apps that can test your blood sugar.

Smart phones, which are the devices that support these innovations, are still a middle class thing but in short order will be in the hands of most people in most parts of the world

All part of a wider picture in which we will have to do more for ourselves and health services around the world will have to be more efficient and sparing in the use of its professionals and experts time.

The other big driver of efficiency, according to Thaler is open access to data which government wills increasingly make available for private companies to present in useful ways. Such as the BART app for people looking to catch a bus.It is real time information about where your bus is and when it will arrive. It is simply  based on making the GPS data that each bus produces available.

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