See smoke pouring out of my eyes

  and other fascinating creations at the Digital Revolution show at the Barbican. Anyone in retail (or experiential marketing) will enjoy it. Why? With the growth of e-commerce the shop is changing-it has to evolve or die- and is becoming a form of entertainment in its own right The digital instillations at the show areContinue reading “See smoke pouring out of my eyes”

Starting a movement

To the RSA for an excellent talk by Jeremy Heimans of PurposeĀ  He is one of a new breed of “Movement Entrepreneurs” – who brings practical knowledge and insight about how the radical democratisation of the web is changing politics and campaigning. Now more than ever you can start a popular movement – not justContinue reading “Starting a movement”

Brand partnerships with bands are getting more sophisticated

Things have come a long way since a rock band simply performed a gig in front of a logo and their manager saw the brand owner as merely an open cheque-book. One reason is a group has formed (Brands and Bands) that brings together all the different parties to share success stories and best practice.Continue reading “Brand partnerships with bands are getting more sophisticated”

eBooks and the future of publishing #edbookfest

Excellent debate in The Guardian kicked off at the Edinburgh book fair. Here is my two penny worth The race to the bottom-it will happen in the mass market Simple print only E- Books are going to be almost infinitely available very cheap through official platforms (eg Amazon) or free through piracy. Difficult to seeContinue reading “eBooks and the future of publishing #edbookfest”

12 top tips on how to run a Brainstorm

When i started in advertising we rarely had brainstorms- a brief was written and handed over to a creative team to come up with “the idea”. Now agencies have them on an almost daily basis. The reasons? -Social: a larger team needs to be enlisted to execute a campaign and you need to get moreContinue reading “12 top tips on how to run a Brainstorm”

Thaler: technology/data offers many nudging and efficiency opportunities

At last nights Big Thinkers event at COI Richard Thaler gave a glimpse of the opportunities to Nudge that will come from mobile/new technology- such pillboxes that mail you when you havent taken your medicine and IPhone apps that can test your blood sugar. Smart phones, which are the devices that support these innovations, areContinue reading “Thaler: technology/data offers many nudging and efficiency opportunities”

New: the Betfair model comes to foreign exchange

The Peer to Peer model, made famous by Zopa and Betfair, is coming to the foreign exchange market with a new service called CurrencyFair. The benefits are , of course, a much keener rate than the banks offer-close to or at interbank- and the ability to post a rate and see if is matched. TheContinue reading “New: the Betfair model comes to foreign exchange”