Should brands become creators on YouTube?

I spent a happy two years at Google thinking about and advising brand owners about this question. Here is my advice, just published in the spring issue of Market Leader ( which is the UK Marketing Society’s quarterly journal) PDF attached Julian Saunders

The fight for your eyeballs

is the business model of media owners down the years- and that battle has now moved to your smartphone. Winning apps find ways to “scratch your itches”many times a day. Facebook  is the most energetic in enticing you back to their platform with a continuous flow of digital addiction-it started with “poking” for me andContinue reading “The fight for your eyeballs”

Experience/Service innovation through tech

Just back from the Marketing Society Annual conference where much of the talk was about how technology +data are leading to innovation. It’s all about brand building through better more personal experiences, services and speed of new products to market ( with advertising getting barely a mention.) What are good examples of this? Here is oneContinue reading “Experience/Service innovation through tech”

Virtual Reality, other innovations and what it might mean for brands This is worth a watch -especially from about half way through (Declaration of interest- Lars leads the team in which i work at Google -known as The Zoo). Lars explains what the Zoo is,what work it does and (most interestingly) introduces some of the cool stuff that we are going to see in Gaming andContinue reading “Virtual Reality, other innovations and what it might mean for brands”

Social media is bullshit

is the title of an enlightening and helpful little book by BJ Mendelson. It helps you sort out the crap from the hype. Some things that rang bells Beware cyber hipster’s thought leadership A whole class of cyber hipsters is busy creating and spreading hype because it helps their own business/raises their fees as publicContinue reading “Social media is bullshit”

What I have learnt from 10 years of running training courses.

It is 10 years since I published The Communications Challenge (APG 2004), which opened the door for me to many opportunities to run training courses – on all continents (except Antarctica) for both agencies and clients. 10 years on – what have I learnt? I hope these notes are useful to anyone commissioning research orContinue reading “What I have learnt from 10 years of running training courses.”

Brands get public spirited big time

There are emerging trends and then there are fully emerged trends If you take the  Cannes 2013 awards as a guide  then the idea that brands should take on public spirited causes is now a fully emerged trend I mean by this not just a commitment to being responsible  in the way they do business.Continue reading “Brands get public spirited big time”

The mobile revolution is postponed

Well it was at Glastonbury anyway. You know that a technology is not yet really mainstream when people keep talking about it. Successful technologies become invisible-only when you get a power cut do you have to think about power supplies. A typical call at Glastonbury- when you could get through – was something along theContinue reading “The mobile revolution is postponed”

Culture change at NHS -any plans or is it just platitudes?

Just listened to another rather vague interview with Jeremy Hunt about the NHS ( make sure you get that “H” right J.Naughtie) Lots of vague talk about about the need for culture change without any specifics of what might be the vectors of change. Sure culture change is not easy and the NHS is aContinue reading “Culture change at NHS -any plans or is it just platitudes?”

Coding and creativity

To RSA to see an empassioned and excellent talk by Tom Armitage as part of BBC radio 4’s For thought series. His argument – teach code  in schools But not because as Michael Gove has it – to “stay competitive in the global economy” But because code is one of the unpinning grammars of life now.Continue reading “Coding and creativity”