How the big football clubs are using social media

MCFC -article about the power and value of fan engagement

(Declaration of interest – I advise Aqueduct and co-wrote this piece)

I think the general message stands up:-

Entertainment brands such as football clubs,rock banks & film franchises are likely to be the winners in social media because they just have so much more stuff (ie Entertainment) to share (and especially video) than other types of brand.

Of course if you do a great ad that can also be  an entertainment that gets shared-but it is difficult to do and very difficult to do consistently. Cadbury found it difficult to follow the drumming gorilla ( was it or wasn’t it Phil Collins). Expecting your ad to go viral is a bit like buying a lottery ticket as your retirement plan.

So partnering with entertainment brands, which are in turn getting more sophisticated at extracting value from their IP, becomes more attractive for other types of brand , because it’s entertainment that is most readily shared on the likes of youtube and facebook.

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