What women really want

I was just going through old VHSs and doing a clear out when i came across this- me on the tele with Gabby Roslin on The Big Breakfast (Chris Evans had just left the show) talking about what women want.Gabby reduced it all to one word – sex.

My attempts to suggest otherwise were fruitless

How did come about ? Well i was doing a study about advertising and women at Ogilvy with Sarah Newman, Beth Barry and Sarah Palmer (of Big Green Door)- I learnt a lot from them. Beth placed a story about it in The FT and the researchers at The Big Breakfast picked it up. Would Beth go on and talk about it, they asked ? Beth didn’t fancy it nor did Sarah so i was deputised.

I was given just 30 seconds to summerize a big and detailed study…

Happy days-and happy memories of working with some very talented people

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