My top tips on making procurement work for you

I confess that my heart did not quicken when Aurora in Pakistan asked me to write on this topic. But, as the saying goes, there are no boring topics just boring minds. As I thought and researched more, two things emerged

  1. The best outcomes are achieved through good relationships .This of course goes for most things in the creative industries- it is vanishingly rare for great work to be produced out of a poor agency/client relationship
  2. There is plenty of good free advice available. Especially in the UK thanks to the IPA. Just go to their website and search ” procurement” to find videos and papers -below is a screen grab of what you might find :

For my full article on procurement in Aurora – click here

Coming soon two new articles to be published by Aurora

“To have a good idea you need lots of ideas”. How and why strategy has to be creatively fertile including my favourite idea generating methods

“What sustainability means for brands” – My students on the AIA diploma course have been working on a (confidential) sustainability brief – these are my reflections on how brands in general should think about sustainability

I will post links after Aurora have published

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