Book Review: The System.

At a recent workshop, I asked students to explain how online ads were planned and sold. Puzzled faces stared back at me. The word ‘programmatic’ was mentioned. “Okay, how does that work?” I asked. One student said that advertisers send a profile of the kinds of people they want to reach to a Demand SideContinue reading “Book Review: The System.”

The psychological trick all politicians should know

What do all the following have in common ? Love it or hate it (Marmite) Probably the best lager in the world (Carlsberg) and this famous ad for VW: They are all highly successful examples of the pratfall effect    which is this:- Displaying weakness increases empathy and like-ability. Imperfection and making mistakes are the stuffContinue reading “The psychological trick all politicians should know”

Smart Googling: how to get important knowledge painlessly

So many useful business books and so little time – was the thought that occurred to me as I was teaching this week. Here are my top tips for students in extracting the useful knowledge in these books with minimum cost and maximum ease. (Publishers should avert their eyes at this point) Google- “title ofContinue reading “Smart Googling: how to get important knowledge painlessly”