What publishers can learn from porn #edbookfest

Nick Biltons newish book ( which I have as an eBook)  sets out to study what we can learn from the porn industry (among other things) His reason? The industry always been innovative and adaptable (premium phone lives and web chats got an early boost from porn)and so they might act as a testing groundContinue reading “What publishers can learn from porn #edbookfest”

How much can authors charge for eBooks? #edbookfest

The Guardian/Edinburgh Book Festival debate about the future of books (in the age of Kindle) garnered over 200 posts on the Guardian website- thanks mainly to an excellent and provocative piece byEwan Morrison. One big question left hanging is how much can authors charge for an eBook? Most authors are too busy to think about “pricingContinue reading “How much can authors charge for eBooks? #edbookfest”

How amazon might revolutionise publishing

On the face of it the world of publishing is about to be blown apart by Kindle and other readers. The reasons are economics and scale. First Economics As my correspondent Prof Glyn Morgan of the Political Science Department in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University reports “Amazon is offering 70 per cent royalties to anyone willingContinue reading “How amazon might revolutionise publishing”