See smoke pouring out of my eyes


smoke imageand other fascinating creations at the Digital Revolution show at the Barbican. Anyone in retail (or experiential marketing) will enjoy it. Why? With the growth of e-commerce the shop is changing-it has to evolve or die- and is becoming a form of entertainment in its own right

The digital instillations at the show are just the kind the thing that helps to reinvent the shop as a memorable experience.

The tech is expensive but as costs come down it goes mainstream – expect the likes of Nike,Apple and Burberry to pioneer it in their brand experience temples (which is what shops are becoming)

The early part of the show takes you through key stages in the history of gaming but it is the later parts that are worth dwelling on – fascinating cinematic quality animations,new ways of interacting with screens- and the story of how the film Gravity was made.

Behind this, I think,are two exciting trends

-gaming is very powerful,well funded and important in the UK and the inventiveness it has spawns flows out into all other kinds of creative work.

-Coders are now collaborating with artists and creators of all types-musicians, sculptors, painter, fashion designers. This cross fertilisation is making digital creativity somethings that appeals to all the senses.Physical,playful,fascinating.

Take the Nintendo Wii ( gaming again) and how it helped gaming open up to new audiences with its “gesture based wireless control interface” . Now that technology is being evolved in new and more creative ways. I for one could not resist seeing smoke pour out of my eyes.

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