Why all marketers should get out of the office more

A show all marketers should see is Martin Parr’s photos at the National Portrait Gallery If only to see the original artwork for the excellent “Oneness” idents for BBC 1, a  fine example of that classic thing – a great creative idea executed in a fresh way. The idea – like the best ideas –Continue reading “Why all marketers should get out of the office more”

Louise Bougeois at Tate modern

London is full of free art shows. The artist rooms at The Tate dedicated to Louise Bourgeois are a great way to spent a free hour. You can also see where the likes of Sarah Lucas and Tracey Emin got their ideas from. Her work is visceral, and sensual – unmistakably the work of aContinue reading “Louise Bougeois at Tate modern”

Paul Nash at Tate Britain

Occasionally you go to a show that gets you to see the world differently: Paul Nash’s show at the Tate is one such. Landscapes, from his perspective, have distinct auras, – as though they contain spirits and evoke a supernatural world. His first paintings were dreamlike night scenes. And through out his life he wasContinue reading “Paul Nash at Tate Britain”

Dandies and image makers

The photographers gallery continues to be great value-For £3-00 you can see two great shows Make you look: Dandyism and black masculinity  Joyful,liberating and gloriously subversive. People inventing and projecting their own style.Often if you have got less materially then you often end up wearing your wealth and projecting your own style.  Your art isContinue reading “Dandies and image makers”

Spring gardens and cute kittens

The RA’s new blockbuster show Painting the modern garden  is a sure fire hit. You can be guaranteed at least two hours of calm and visual joy contemplating all the paintings of flowers and gardens, and Monet’s  Waterlilies in particular. You would not think that they were created at a time of dramatic growth in inhumaneContinue reading “Spring gardens and cute kittens”

Saul Leiter: fab value at £3.00

£3.00 gets you into all three shows at the photographers gallery. Saul Leiter is worth the price of the ticket alone. (He is the antidote to Liebovitz’s relentless pursuit of people in the news and boosting of the celebrity machine.)  Although he did commercial work , mainly he walked the streets of New York-often lookingContinue reading “Saul Leiter: fab value at £3.00”

Lust, Violence, Drunkeness, Power, Fear

Got your attention ? I think that too explains why Rubens was so fabulously rich and successful in his lifetime. He pandered to most of the basic human drives in his lifetime. His paintings are the old master equivalent of watching one of Paul Greengrass’s Bourne identity films. All action. all of the time. Leaves youContinue reading “Lust, Violence, Drunkeness, Power, Fear”

Why german culture is fundamentally different to ours

The British museums new show Germany Memories of a Nation is worth as visit and this sign at the exhibition brought me up short We may think that London is over mighty – the Scots certainly do- but the journey to change British culture to strengthen the regional culture- ie make it more Germam- willContinue reading “Why german culture is fundamentally different to ours”