How to screw up a new business pitch

( Running a workshop for an agency on winning new business pitches recently I found epic fails were more instructive) It is said that we learn more from our mistakes than successes….on that basis I should by now be a very wise person. Because, boy , have I made some mistakes. Here are five waysContinue reading “How to screw up a new business pitch”

Why all marketers should get out of the office more

A show all marketers should see is Martin Parr’s photos at the National Portrait Gallery If only to see the original artwork for the excellent “Oneness” idents for BBC 1, a  fine example of that classic thing – a great creative idea executed in a fresh way. The idea – like the best ideas –Continue reading “Why all marketers should get out of the office more”

“Knowing what’s important”

Was how Charles Handy defined “wisdom” at a recent event- it has stayed with me It is particularly needed at the moment – as many in marketing are transfixed by new technologies and have persuaded themselves of two things a) change is pervasive and b) change getting quicker. This second statement has been taken axiomaticContinue reading ““Knowing what’s important””

Thoughts at Frieze art fair: artists can be as predictable as admen

Some – like Tracy Emin, Damian Hurst and GIlbert&George- have been in ad business for while. Their styles are so distinctive you know them immediately like a pack of Persil. They have mastered the art of effective branding – with “added value” prices to match At modern art shows the same ‘big’ themes come upContinue reading “Thoughts at Frieze art fair: artists can be as predictable as admen”

The hidden talents of John Prescott

Spotted in Chengdu- another insight into JP Until now this facet of JPs personality has remained hidden-that of Panda cuddler and Panda calmer JP’s image is just one of many on the wall of the Panda research centre near Chengdu, which feature the great and the good from all around the world- each one holdingContinue reading “The hidden talents of John Prescott”

Direct line insurance rip off ?

In 2007 i switched my home (buildings) insurance to Direct Line for c £ 530 pa (a good £300+ saving on lloyds TSB). I was happy as larry. On my return from hols yesterday find the annual renewal letter.It is automatic renewal naturally- insurance people understand all about the power of inertia and what theContinue reading “Direct line insurance rip off ?”

Children’s book sales are up perhaps the internet is not rewiring our minds after all

Last year a new book- the Shallows by Nicholas Carr- suggested that the internet and new devices are “rewiring” of our brains and creating a new generation with the attention span of a knat- unable to concentrate without clicking away to something else. Certainly you have to get to the point quicker these days ( mostContinue reading “Children’s book sales are up perhaps the internet is not rewiring our minds after all”

Why the AV referendum was doomed-explained by behavioural psychology

Here is a perceptive comment on why the AV referendum was doomed to fail using insights from Behavioural Psychology by research agency Monkey See:- “the wording of the AV referendum question used would appeal to voters’ instincts to follow the status quo there can be little doubt. It kicks of with the unequivocal message, “At present,Continue reading “Why the AV referendum was doomed-explained by behavioural psychology”

Humanity,charm and storytelling still win the day in digital media

VW’s new ad for the Passat is also a much shared viral. It is the story of a boy who thinks he is Darth Vader and tries unsuccessfully to use his special powers until, that is. till his dad comes home in the Passat and sudden his powers seem to work….. A simple human storyContinue reading “Humanity,charm and storytelling still win the day in digital media”