The mobile revolution is postponed

Well it was at Glastonbury anyway. You know that a technology is not yet really mainstream when people keep talking about it.

Successful technologies become invisible-only when you get a power cut do you have to think about power supplies.

A typical call at Glastonbury- when you could get through – was something along the lines of “wont speak for long the battery on my mobile is running low”. What to do about it ?

1) Turn off your mobile to preserve battery juice

2) Switch to a basic ‘calls and text’ mobile with a long battery life- can’t use apps though- or not easily

3) Spend time queuing and recharging your mobile in one of the two Everything Everywhere recharging tents (which is let’s be frank is a waste of your life)


Everything Everywhere had sponsored a spiffing new app on which you could plan your Glastonbury experience

Full marks for the design – which is witty


But you probably know what i am going to day next – I didn’t use it much as wanted to preserve my battery

Then i thought – I must use it so i can report back to my digital gurus at Aqueduct.

What was it like ?

-Couldn’t get the planner function to retain my selected gigs

-Couldn’t connect to friends on facebook as “Login failed” ( that might have been fun to do- so sorry that did not work)

-Couldn’t get updates and latest news on gigs ( this is an area when the app should beat print hands down)- so missed several “specials” ( and all the bragging rights that go with having seen a famous artist in a minor venue)

– I found The Guardian printed mini guide – which you carry in a little plastic lanyard round your neck- easier and quicker to use. Good on them – they have sponsored Glastonbury for as long as i have been going and deserve the reputational rewards.

Everything Everywhere did as best they could, and if they persist, it will come good- but they and us, the punters, need a lot of progress on the enabling tech – notably battery life and quality/strength of signal. Until such time you can have a brilliant app, with all the bells and whistles on it, and it will still not be as valued as the dear old Guardian’s little printed guide. So at Glastonbury anyway the mobile revolution is postponed.

Most useful mobile function? – the text message: quick, cheap and easy. A bit like The Guardian mini guide.

It all made me think of one of my favourite cartoons


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