12 top tips on how to run a Brainstorm

When i started in advertising we rarely had brainstorms- a brief was written and handed over to a creative team to come up with “the idea”. Now agencies have them on an almost daily basis. The reasons? -Social: a larger team needs to be enlisted to execute a campaign and you need to get moreContinue reading “12 top tips on how to run a Brainstorm”

kittens and coffee, innovation of the week surely..

Innovation of the week as reported in The Guardian weekend mag by Lucy Mangan “Many urban Japanese live stressful lives in apartments too small to allow them to keep their own pets, so cafes have started to spring up that supply kittens to play with while you are drinking your coffee and eating your cake” This neatlyContinue reading “kittens and coffee, innovation of the week surely..”

Business card with the bill

This one surprised me at a restaurant in Bucharest recently- a card advertising the services of a the local Philip Marlow, presented with the bill. Sets you thinking if this is an underused advertising medium. Perhaps it should have been “integrated” with the “washroom ad” in the same restaurant/bar warning me about STDs- maybe notContinue reading “Business card with the bill”

After facebook overtakes Google the next big thing is…..

“location based” social networking or as Foursquare puts it “See where your friends are, learn about where they frequent and unlock rewards as you travel about the city“. That last bit (my italics) gives away the revenue model- i can’t think of another social media brand that is so nakedly commercial in its mission. “RightContinue reading “After facebook overtakes Google the next big thing is…..”

Data- a surprisingly interesting story

It has to be one of the most unenticing Economists front pages for a while -“The data deluge and how to handle it”.But it proves to be a right riveting read with some fresh jargon to enjoy. “Data Exhaust” is a my favourite-we all produce it and people are collecting it to see what iContinue reading “Data- a surprisingly interesting story”