The death of demographics and its consequences

Age and social class are no longer a reliable way to predict to beliefs and buying habits. Identities and tastes are fluid. In truth they may always have been but now the anonymity/freedom of city life means now we feel more liberated to express who really are.People from conservative cultures like China and India hankerContinue reading “The death of demographics and its consequences”

The Anatomy of Humbug

  is the title of a new book by Paul Feldwick about the history of thinking about how to create effective advertising. It is short, clearly written (as you would expect of PF) and full of fascinating stories. Any one in the biz should read it. Some of the things found interesting Many people inContinue reading “The Anatomy of Humbug”

John Cleese on how to be more creative

  A old film but still a good one – Scientific proof that to be more creative you have to find ways to be playful. So if you work at an organisation that wants you to be more creative and yet puts you under constant stress and doesn’t provide the space and time to beContinue reading “John Cleese on how to be more creative”

Coding and creativity

To RSA to see an empassioned and excellent talk by Tom Armitage¬†as part of BBC radio 4’s For thought series. His argument – teach code ¬†in schools But not because as Michael Gove has it – to “stay competitive in the global economy” But because code is one of the unpinning grammars of life now.Continue reading “Coding and creativity”