Great shop facias of our time

BIPA have several shops in Vienna-all have the same aesthetic if not the exactly the same design. The identity fills the front of the store resulting in the most distinctive shop front in the parade. A good example of challenger thinking. Take the conventions of facia design and bust out of them. But not ┬áinContinue reading “Great shop facias of our time”

Fantasy Austrian Clothing in Kitzbuhel

The window display of Der Nacht Der Tracht. A destination shop if ever there was one with a style of clothing that you will not find elsewhere. It is as if Austrians had decided to dress up as milkmaids and farmers in a Hansel and Gretel story. If you remake The Sound of Music asContinue reading “Fantasy Austrian Clothing in Kitzbuhel”

Data- a surprisingly interesting story

It has to be one of the most unenticing Economists front pages for a while -“The data deluge and how to handle it”.But it proves to be a right riveting read with some fresh jargon to enjoy. “Data Exhaust” is a my favourite-we all produce it and people are collecting it to see what iContinue reading “Data- a surprisingly interesting story”

The digerati have reverted to sending out letters!

At the TFM&A conference I was struck by what Ashley Freidlein of Econsultancy said in his key note address.He started by holding up a letter from Google-the purest of digital brands admitting that nothing quite beats the offer you get in a letter Ashley now promotes his training courses on all matters digital by sendingContinue reading “The digerati have reverted to sending out letters!”