New: the Betfair model comes to foreign exchange

The Peer to Peer model, made famous by Zopa and Betfair, is coming to the foreign exchange market with a new service called CurrencyFair. The benefits are , of course, a much keener rate than the banks offer-close to or at interbank- and the ability to post a rate and see if is matched. TheContinue reading “New: the Betfair model comes to foreign exchange”

Business card with the bill

This one surprised me at a restaurant in Bucharest recently- a card advertising the services of a the local Philip Marlow, presented with the bill. Sets you thinking if this is an underused advertising medium. Perhaps it should have been “integrated” with the “washroom ad” in the same restaurant/bar warning me about STDs- maybe notContinue reading “Business card with the bill”

When the authenticity strategy isnt

The thing is that there is a true and interesting story to be told about Rum-it is bound up with the history of empire. sugar and exploitation-woven into the individual island histories of the Caribbean. It’s as least as complex and interesting as the story of whisky. The clue is in the invisible pack shotsContinue reading “When the authenticity strategy isnt”

After facebook overtakes Google the next big thing is…..

“location based” social networking or as Foursquare puts it “See where your friends are, learn about where they frequent and unlock rewards as you travel about the city“. That last bit (my italics) gives away the revenue model- i can’t think of another social media brand that is so nakedly commercial in its mission. “RightContinue reading “After facebook overtakes Google the next big thing is…..”

Is the internet destroying quality journalism ?

To the Intelligence Squared debate at methodist central hall to consider this question. and the answer from the floor was an overwhelming no. Not difficult to see why. 1) Quality papers have rarely been financially viable in the first place (some exceptions obviously like the DT). Most are subsidized by sister tabloids,an indulgent proprietor orContinue reading “Is the internet destroying quality journalism ?”

Dawn and Aurora conference in Karachi

To Karachi for my second visit and a joy it was too. Pakistan has a culture of hospitality that makes others look shallow Three contributions from Pakistanis stood out:- Hameed Haroon, CEO of Dawn Media Group, berated the conference for not taking a firmer stand against corruption. Media owners and media agencies collude rather thanContinue reading “Dawn and Aurora conference in Karachi”

Great shop facias of our time

BIPA have several shops in Vienna-all have the same aesthetic if not the exactly the same design. The identity fills the front of the store resulting in the most distinctive shop front in the parade. A good example of challenger thinking. Take the conventions of facia design and bust out of them. But not ┬áinContinue reading “Great shop facias of our time”

Fantasy Austrian Clothing in Kitzbuhel

The window display of Der Nacht Der Tracht. A destination shop if ever there was one with a style of clothing that you will not find elsewhere. It is as if Austrians had decided to dress up as milkmaids and farmers in a Hansel and Gretel story. If you remake The Sound of Music asContinue reading “Fantasy Austrian Clothing in Kitzbuhel”