Brands get public spirited big time

There are emerging trends and then there are fully emerged trends If you take the  Cannes 2013 awards as a guide  then the idea that brands should take on public spirited causes is now a fully emerged trend I mean by this not just a commitment to being responsible  in the way they do business.Continue reading “Brands get public spirited big time”

The sad decline of iTunes

Here is something i have just noticed- I haven’t bought any music from Itunes for over two months and i used to be hooked And i have a new obsession. airbnb– the website marketplace where you can book accommodation in other people properties. I am currently using it to find a place in NYC. IContinue reading “The sad decline of iTunes”

Starting a movement

To the RSA for an excellent talk by Jeremy Heimans of Purpose  He is one of a new breed of “Movement Entrepreneurs” – who brings practical knowledge and insight about how the radical democratisation of the web is changing politics and campaigning. Now more than ever you can start a popular movement – not justContinue reading “Starting a movement”

what are 5 important themes for brands in 2012

I was asked this question by Aurora magazine ( which is a cross between Marketing Week and Campaign in Pakistan- edited by the excellent Mary-Lou Andrew). It set me thinking. If you ask this question now you are no longer just asking about the narrow question of winning and retaining customers – you are inContinue reading “what are 5 important themes for brands in 2012”