Islam simply has better marketing

When the history of the 21st century comes to be written one big theme will be the rise and rise of Islam. A complex issue of course but to a marketers eyes there is a simpler truth: Islam is based on much better brand marketing principles. By this i means it has much better ideas aboutContinue reading “Islam simply has better marketing”

My favourite campaign this year is..

Here is my Favourite campaign of the year Courtesy of a Canadian Beer called James Ready Everything is good about this-low cost,interactive and makes you feel good about the people who make the beer. There is a clear brand positioning and a creative idea that can run and run It seems that local and community based isContinue reading “My favourite campaign this year is..”

Brand partnerships with bands are getting more sophisticated

Things have come a long way since a rock band simply performed a gig in front of a logo and their manager saw the brand owner as merely an open cheque-book. One reason is a group has formed (Brands and Bands) that brings together all the different parties to share success stories and best practice.Continue reading “Brand partnerships with bands are getting more sophisticated”

The underused art of visual storytelling in advertising #advertising#storytelling

There is not much of it about these days in adland-perhaps that is why we still remember the rare exceptions like The Man with the Hathaway Shirt-why the eyepatch/what is his story?It is no accident that he is older as old people have more stories to tell, more history. Modern advertisers often shy aware fromContinue reading “The underused art of visual storytelling in advertising #advertising#storytelling”

Story-telling is like improv’ comedy in social media #socialmediainfluence#storytelling

Storytelling was a hot topic at Social Media Influence 2011- but this is not the neat finely honed story-telling as we know it. You know what I mean- one author carefully crafting a tale with a beginning a middle and an end. No, this is much more like improvised comedy – it can start anywhereContinue reading “Story-telling is like improv’ comedy in social media #socialmediainfluence#storytelling”

Innovative use of online to combat depression

Depression is the leading cause of suicide in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health have created a website , fronted by Rugby Legend John Kirwan (himself a sufferer), to mentor people through the process of recovery one step at a time. Comment It is a great example of how a website can both put peopleContinue reading “Innovative use of online to combat depression”

Follow the debate about how the Internet has really changed marketing

The Marketing Society blog is the place to follow this debate with really interesting contributions from the likes of Paul Feldwick, Mark Sherringham and Dr Robert Heath. My twopenny worth…. The revolutionary bit What is it that the Internet has fundamentally changed? The answer, I think, can be summed up in the phase “transaction costs”.Continue reading “Follow the debate about how the Internet has really changed marketing”