Why german culture is fundamentally different to ours

The British museums new show Germany Memories of a Nation is worth as visit and this sign at the exhibition brought me up short We may think that London is over mighty – the Scots certainly do- but the journey to change British culture to strengthen the regional culture- ie make it more Germam- willContinue reading “Why german culture is fundamentally different to ours”

Thoughts at Frieze art fair: artists can be as predictable as admen

Some – like Tracy Emin, Damian Hurst and GIlbert&George- have been in ad business for while. Their styles are so distinctive you know them immediately like a pack of Persil. They have mastered the art of effective branding – with “added value” prices to match At modern art shows the same ‘big’ themes come upContinue reading “Thoughts at Frieze art fair: artists can be as predictable as admen”

John Cleese on how to be more creative

  A old film but still a good one – Scientific proof that to be more creative you have to find ways to be playful. So if you work at an organisation that wants you to be more creative and yet puts you under constant stress and doesn’t provide the space and time to beContinue reading “John Cleese on how to be more creative”

See smoke pouring out of my eyes

  and other fascinating creations at the Digital Revolution show at the Barbican. Anyone in retail (or experiential marketing) will enjoy it. Why? With the growth of e-commerce the shop is changing-it has to evolve or die- and is becoming a form of entertainment in its own right The digital instillations at the show areContinue reading “See smoke pouring out of my eyes”

Matisse cut outs at Tate Modern

Matisse is the perfect artist for Tate modern. He already adorns a thousand pieces of merchandise from greetings cards to mugs so he is a good generator of ¬†extra revenue through the well-positioned and well-stocked gift shop that (with Ikea like ruthlessness)you have to pass through as you exit the show. He is joyfully easyContinue reading “Matisse cut outs at Tate Modern”

What does the internet of things mean for you ?

Much hype in the media about how the things we own (cars,beds,fridges,boilers,mobiles,wearable devices yet too be invented) are going to make our lives better. The revolutionary nature of the change becomes apparent when you examine what the benefits to people might be at market by market level. Easier – because things automatically happen -such asContinue reading “What does the internet of things mean for you ?”

My brain food plan for 2014

There is a direct correlation between the quality and range of stimulus you take in and the freshness the ideas you put out- lots of books about creativity and many creative types in agencies attest to this. In fact if your read ¬†Daniel Kahnemann this kind of mental priming can almost determine what kind ofContinue reading “My brain food plan for 2014”