The mobile revolution is postponed

Well it was at Glastonbury anyway. You know that a technology is not yet really mainstream when people keep talking about it. Successful technologies become invisible-only when you get a power cut do you have to think about power supplies. A typical call at Glastonbury- when you could get through – was something along theContinue reading “The mobile revolution is postponed”

Tips on sports promotion from Barry Hearn #under the spotlight

To The Marketing Society for an Under the Spotlight evening to hear Barry Hearn speak about his career as a sports promoter. Great fun and full of insight and useful lessons about life and business His career started by accident – he was FD of a fashion firm-which he had ¬†joined from KPMG (very respectable!)-Continue reading “Tips on sports promotion from Barry Hearn #under the spotlight”

what are 5 important themes for brands in 2012

I was asked this question by Aurora magazine ( which is a cross between Marketing Week and Campaign in Pakistan- edited by the excellent Mary-Lou Andrew). It set me thinking. If you ask this question now you are no longer just asking about the narrow question of winning and retaining customers – you are inContinue reading “what are 5 important themes for brands in 2012”

What women really want

I was just going through old VHSs and doing a clear out when i came across this- me on the tele with Gabby Roslin on The Big Breakfast (Chris Evans had just left the show) talking about what women want.Gabby reduced it all to one word – sex. My attempts to suggest otherwise were fruitlessContinue reading “What women really want”

Is viral marketing mainly a waste of time? #IWE

Short answer- most of the time yes These thoughts occur to me at the Internet week Europe conference looking for insights…a few nuggets What works in viral video? We learn tt has to be one of three things -Funny -Awesome -Schadenfreude Which seemed like a good checklist. I would add to this that sometimes aContinue reading “Is viral marketing mainly a waste of time? #IWE”

Business card with the bill

This one surprised me at a restaurant in Bucharest recently- a card advertising the services of a the local Philip Marlow, presented with the bill. Sets you thinking if this is an underused advertising medium. Perhaps it should have been “integrated” with the “washroom ad” in the same restaurant/bar warning me about STDs- maybe notContinue reading “Business card with the bill”

After facebook overtakes Google the next big thing is…..

“location based” social networking or as Foursquare puts it “See where your friends are, learn about where they frequent and unlock rewards as you travel about the city“. That last bit (my italics) gives away the revenue model- i can’t think of another social media brand that is so nakedly commercial in its mission. “RightContinue reading “After facebook overtakes Google the next big thing is…..”

Is the internet destroying quality journalism ?

To the Intelligence Squared debate at methodist central hall to consider this question. and the answer from the floor was an overwhelming no. Not difficult to see why. 1) Quality papers have rarely been financially viable in the first place (some exceptions obviously like the DT). Most are subsidized by sister tabloids,an indulgent proprietor orContinue reading “Is the internet destroying quality journalism ?”

Dawn and Aurora conference in Karachi

To Karachi for my second visit and a joy it was too. Pakistan has a culture of hospitality that makes others look shallow Three contributions from Pakistanis stood out:- Hameed Haroon, CEO of Dawn Media Group, berated the conference for not taking a firmer stand against corruption. Media owners and media agencies collude rather thanContinue reading “Dawn and Aurora conference in Karachi”