Islam and a sense of belonging

I do feel watching the British media that there is often a failure of empathy in our discourse about Islam. So here us my attempt (inspired by the pleasure i have had from visiting Pakistan and the British Museum’s exhibition about Hajj last year)  to explain the appeal of Islam in terms that a westernContinue reading “Islam and a sense of belonging”

The mobile revolution is postponed

Well it was at Glastonbury anyway. You know that a technology is not yet really mainstream when people keep talking about it. Successful technologies become invisible-only when you get a power cut do you have to think about power supplies. A typical call at Glastonbury- when you could get through – was something along theContinue reading “The mobile revolution is postponed”

What over 900 case histories tell us about designing effective campaigns

The IPA latest book on effectiveness by Les Binet and Peter field performs a valuable service for hard pressed brand managers and creative directors everywhere . It provides the hard evidence for taking a long term view of brand building. And for creative directors at ad agencies it endorses something that they have known forContinue reading “What over 900 case histories tell us about designing effective campaigns”

Cameron needs to bring back the adpeople

The big thing that the advertising people understand (that the PR’s don’t often) is that success comes from the long view. Tactics will not be enough to win- you need long term strategy too. The branding game is all about trying to occupy a position for a brand in the mind of consumers (or citizens) andContinue reading “Cameron needs to bring back the adpeople”

The sad decline of iTunes

Here is something i have just noticed- I haven’t bought any music from Itunes for over two months and i used to be hooked And i have a new obsession. airbnb– the website marketplace where you can book accommodation in other people properties. I am currently using it to find a place in NYC. IContinue reading “The sad decline of iTunes”

Tips on sports promotion from Barry Hearn #under the spotlight

To The Marketing Society for an Under the Spotlight evening to hear Barry Hearn speak about his career as a sports promoter. Great fun and full of insight and useful lessons about life and business His career started by accident – he was FD of a fashion firm-which he had  joined from KPMG (very respectable!)-Continue reading “Tips on sports promotion from Barry Hearn #under the spotlight”

A ferment of debate in China about the way ahead

My fourth visit to LSE SU The China Development forum and the most interesting yet The change in leadership has resulted in a ferment of debate about the way forward Much of this open and enabled by Weibo. Public intellectuals (and not just the people) now use Weibo to air their views and get aContinue reading “A ferment of debate in China about the way ahead”

how to write advertising copy that people don’t mind reading

Robert Levenson ( legendary DDB copywriter) was asked how he wrote such good copy for ads I like his answer- “I always started by writing ‘Dear Charlie’, like writing to a friend. And then I would say what I had to say, and, at the end I would cross out ‘Dear Charlie’, and I wasContinue reading “how to write advertising copy that people don’t mind reading”

what are 5 important themes for brands in 2012

I was asked this question by Aurora magazine ( which is a cross between Marketing Week and Campaign in Pakistan- edited by the excellent Mary-Lou Andrew). It set me thinking. If you ask this question now you are no longer just asking about the narrow question of winning and retaining customers – you are inContinue reading “what are 5 important themes for brands in 2012”

Islam simply has better marketing

When the history of the 21st century comes to be written one big theme will be the rise and rise of Islam. A complex issue of course but to a marketers eyes there is a simpler truth: Islam is based on much better brand marketing principles. By this i means it has much better ideas aboutContinue reading “Islam simply has better marketing”