My favourite campaign this year is..

Here is my Favourite campaign of the year Courtesy of a Canadian Beer called James Ready Everything is good about this-low cost,interactive and makes you feel good about the people who make the beer. There is a clear brand positioning and a creative idea that can run and run It seems that local and community based isContinue reading “My favourite campaign this year is..”

Is viral marketing mainly a waste of time? #IWE

Short answer- most of the time yes These thoughts occur to me at the Internet week Europe conference looking for insights…a few nuggets What works in viral video? We learn tt has to be one of three things -Funny -Awesome -Schadenfreude Which seemed like a good checklist. I would add to this that sometimes aContinue reading “Is viral marketing mainly a waste of time? #IWE”

Brand partnerships with bands are getting more sophisticated

Things have come a long way since a rock band simply performed a gig in front of a logo and their manager saw the brand owner as merely an open cheque-book. One reason is a group has formed (Brands and Bands) that brings together all the different parties to share success stories and best practice.Continue reading “Brand partnerships with bands are getting more sophisticated”

Direct line insurance rip off ?

In 2007 i switched my home (buildings) insurance to Direct Line for c £ 530 pa (a good £300+ saving on lloyds TSB). I was happy as larry. On my return from hols yesterday find the annual renewal letter.It is automatic renewal naturally- insurance people understand all about the power of inertia and what theContinue reading “Direct line insurance rip off ?”

is this what the big society might mean ?

A partnership between brands and local government? Brands have money. They want to be seen as trusted and rooted in the lives of their buyers,especially as this is a time when ‘glossy’ doesnt play in the west ( it does in China right now) and people are anxious and hunkering down Local government has veryContinue reading “is this what the big society might mean ?”

Story-telling is like improv’ comedy in social media #socialmediainfluence#storytelling

Storytelling was a hot topic at Social Media Influence 2011- but this is not the neat finely honed story-telling as we know it. You know what I mean- one author carefully crafting a tale with a beginning a middle and an end. No, this is much more like improvised comedy – it can start anywhereContinue reading “Story-telling is like improv’ comedy in social media #socialmediainfluence#storytelling”