Expect the senior vloggers soon

The Ofcom annual report on the UK communication market  2014_UK_CMR 2 is a treasure trove of data These data on the rapid growth of Tablet ownership – even among the over 55s- set me thinking about how it might change culture-rapid mass behaviour change normally makes waves       Some thoughts Tablets-At last a deviceContinue reading “Expect the senior vloggers soon”

Austerity Branding comes of age

For most of my career people have aspired to buy premium brands and just wanted an affordable way to buy into them – think of the Mercedes A class, Waitrose essentials or a tie from Armani. Premium brands used to “reach down” But something has shifted in the culture – Value brands have captured theContinue reading “Austerity Branding comes of age”

What does the internet of things mean for you ?

Much hype in the media about how the things we own (cars,beds,fridges,boilers,mobiles,wearable devices yet too be invented) are going to make our lives better. The revolutionary nature of the change becomes apparent when you examine what the benefits to people might be at market by market level. Easier – because things automatically happen -such asContinue reading “What does the internet of things mean for you ?”

Bad language

I have just had an out burst in this quarter’s Market Leader (quarterly journal of the Marketing Society-subscribe here) about the use of jargon in marketing – which my daughter read and described as pompous. Perhaps I have reached a pompous age – must do something as an antidote See Cword It was inspired by Orwell’sContinue reading “Bad language”

What I have learnt from 10 years of running training courses.

It is 10 years since I published The Communications Challenge (APG 2004), which opened the door for me to many opportunities to run training courses – on all continents (except Antarctica) for both agencies and clients. 10 years on – what have I learnt? I hope these notes are useful to anyone commissioning research orContinue reading “What I have learnt from 10 years of running training courses.”

Please, please, please can we ban the C word?

Words get stripped of their meaning if used too often. There is a phrase for this- semantic satiation: a word progressively loses its potency through over repetition. The marketing business positively over flows with such words and phases as Brand, Engagement, Target Audience, Core Values and, my particular bug bear, Content. The C word isContinue reading “Please, please, please can we ban the C word?”

My favourite online resources

I was asked what they were by Aurora magazine – a Karachi based media and marketing magazine so here there are Slideshare.net A treasure trove of PowerPoint presentations on all sorts of topics If you can’t get to the ultra hip SXSW tech conference in Austin Texas with all the other cutting edge digerati, well,Continue reading “My favourite online resources”

Islam and a sense of belonging

I do feel watching the British media that there is often a failure of empathy in our discourse about Islam. So here us my attempt (inspired by the pleasure i have had from visiting Pakistan and the British Museum’s exhibition about Hajj last year)  to explain the appeal of Islam in terms that a westernContinue reading “Islam and a sense of belonging”

The mobile revolution is postponed

Well it was at Glastonbury anyway. You know that a technology is not yet really mainstream when people keep talking about it. Successful technologies become invisible-only when you get a power cut do you have to think about power supplies. A typical call at Glastonbury- when you could get through – was something along theContinue reading “The mobile revolution is postponed”

What over 900 case histories tell us about designing effective campaigns

The IPA latest book on effectiveness by Les Binet and Peter field performs a valuable service for hard pressed brand managers and creative directors everywhere . It provides the hard evidence for taking a long term view of brand building. And for creative directors at ad agencies it endorses something that they have known forContinue reading “What over 900 case histories tell us about designing effective campaigns”